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Accio Firebolt's slogan is Connecting Harry Potter fans faster than you can say 'quidditch'!, and Accio Firebolt was designed to do just that: connect the fans. As a result, Accio Firebolt strives to have unique ways in which the fans can interact with the book, the characters, and among one another. Accio Firebolt is here to please you, the Harry Potter fanatic. If there is anything that Accio Firebolt could improve upon, be sure to let me know! Otherwise, enjoy the site, and thanks for coming!

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Happy Birthday to Harry _ JKR!

Posted by Kirsten | 07/31/03 8:30 PM | General

Everyone be sure to bring plenty of cake! Today is Harry Potter's birthday and JK Rowling's! I believe that he would be turning 23, and JK Rowling would be turning 38.

But wait! It is also Richard Griffith's (Uncle Vernon) 56th birthday today! Happy birthday everyone!

News Posters

Posted by Kirsten | 07/31/03 7:53 PM | AF Website

I am looking for a few news posters who can come on everyday or every other day, and just post one or two articles. If you are interested, send me an owl >> :) OR you can try to catch me on AIM >> asbhun OR you can try to catch me on MSN >>

OOTP sold in 15 parts for Vietnam kids

Posted by Kirsten | 07/29/03 10:11 PM | General

BBC - The Order of the Phoenix is being sold in 15 different parts in Vietnam so even the very poorest kids can afford to read it.
Many families would not be able to buy the massive book if it was sold as one novel.

Parts of the fifth Harry Potter book will be published every week and will cost kids about 30 cents a time. (more...)

Goblet of Fire hopefuls can apply from 2004

Posted by Kirsten | 07/28/03 11:26 PM | General

CBBC Newsround - Do you want to be an extra in the fourth Harry Potter film, the Goblet of Fire?
Stupid question really!

Well, you might be in luck because you can write to the casting office from January 2004.

The casting office has confirmed to CBBC Newsround that kids can write to them from that date - but not before - otherwise your letter won't get read!

You can only contact the casting office at the Studios. Send a short letter and a recent photograph to:

Casting Office
Leavesden Studios
PO Box 322
WD25 7XJ

They've asked us to ask you NOT to phone or fax. Only write.

And they can't reply to everybody, but you may stand a better chance of getting a reply if you include a self-addressed envelope.

Caution: Wizard at Work

Posted by Kirsten | 07/28/03 11:10 PM | General

You absolutely have to read this entire article! It is great!
Newsweek - Between takes at the shrieking shack—a ghoulish, precariously quaking house on the fringes of the wizard village Hogsmeade—actor Daniel Radcliffe fiddles with his magic wand. Today’s scene is a doozy: Harry Potter finally confronts the sinister (for now) Sirius Black.

OVER THE SCREECHING din of the shack, Radcliffe repeatedly shouts, “You betrayed my parents! You’re the reason they’re dead!” During a break in the action, though, he twirls his wand genially like a baton. Wait, sorry, it’s not a baton—that’d be so 12 years old. Radcliffe, who turned 14 last week, is bashing the air feverishly. He’s doing a drum solo.

To prepare for the older, bolder “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban,” Radcliffe has been listening to the Sex Pistols—which broke up 11 years before he was born—as well as edgy new acts like the Strokes and the Dandy Warhols. He’s also watching Francois Truffaut (“The 400 Blows”) and Vittorio De Sica (“The Bicycle Thief”) to get a handle on Harry’s “feelings of hopelessness.” Yes, “Azkaban” is the puberty movie in the Potter franchise—the one, says Emma Watson, who plays Hermione, in which “all those lovely, lovely hormones start coming out.” How will the movie reflect the changes afoot? “Lots of sex,” says Alfonso Cuaron, the Mexican director who’s taken over the reins of the series from Chris Columbus. “Lots of nudity. And lots of sex.” (more...)

I'm back!

Posted by Kirsten | 07/28/03 10:55 PM | General

Finally after 2 weeks, I am back! It was fun, but I think I was ready to come home! So much has happened in the world of Harry Potter while I was gone! First and foremost, though, I would like to wish Daniel Radcliffe a happy 14th birthday! He is growing up so fast!

British director may join ‘Potter’

Posted by Kirsten | 07/25/03 10:58 PM | General

MSNBC - ALTHOUGH THE DIRECTOR has not yet seen a script or even met with studio executives about the project, both sides are eager to work together on “Goblet.”

Should a deal be reached, Newell would be the first British filmmaker to come aboard the franchise — based on British author J.K. Rowling’s book series — and join the studio’s eclectic, international stable of “Potter” directors, including the U.S.-born Chris Columbus and Mexican Alfonso Cuaron, who directs the upcoming “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.”

Newell next directs Revolution Studios’ “Mona Lisa Smile,” starring Julia Roberts.

Harry's Privet Drive house fails to sell

Posted by Kirsten | 07/22/03 11:28 PM | General

CBBC Newsround - The house where Harry Potter grew up is still up for sale after it failed to sell at an auction.
The house used in the first Harry Potter film as number four Privet Drive is being sold by the people who own it.

They hoped it would sell for more than £250,000 at at the auction, but no one bid high enough. (more...)

Details About Makin' Magic

Posted by Kirsten | 07/12/03 4:04 AM | HP Merchandise

Before I leave, I have to post this! If you love the Sims as well as HP, take a look at this!
EA Games - Brace Yourselves! The Sims are Makin' Magic! In this expansion pack for The Sims original series, your Sims can cast magic spells to improve their love life, wreak havoc on visiting neighbors, or put an end to their tedious chores. An all-new magical carnival-themed destination, exciting new gameplay, and a whole new cast of quirky characters await you in this powerful pack of magical high jinx. Send your Sims to Magic Town to perform mind-boggling tricks and discover secret recipes for spells and charms. Back home, transform everyday objects into helpful minions, hypnotize your so-called friends, or turn that annoying neighbor into a frog. Watch out, spells go haywire if your Sims lack that magic something. See what happens when you challenge the fate of your Sims as you concoct and cast magic spells with good or bad intentions. In The Sims Makin' Magic, expect the unexpected. (more...)


Posted by Kirsten | 07/11/03 12:11 PM | General

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I have been extremely busy preparing to go on vacation. However, the messsage board is still up and running. When you join, you'll be automatically sorted into your new house, so that you can partake in Quidditch, the RPG, the Dueling Club, and homework to earn your house points! Wand ;) to join the fun?

~ Click Here to Enroll! ~

And keep voting for us!! We're almost on the front page for MuggleNet Topsites!

Pupils to stage 'Potter' ballet

Posted by Kirsten | 07/08/03 8:02 PM | General

A Harry Potter story is being turned into a ballet - after a teacher won the backing of movie giants Warner Brothers.
BBC - Dance tutor Stephanie Parrott, from Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, was given the exclusive rights to adapt Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets into a ballet production.

Dancers from Derbyshire and Staffordshire are taking part in the worldwide premier of the production in Repton, Derbyshire.

Ms Parrott had to get permission from Warner Brothers in the United States and the book's author JK Rowling to adapt the story.

She said: "The music is beautifully composed by John Williams and the fast movements in the Quidditch scenes and the elf-like movement of Dobby - we just went from there. (more...)

EA To Release Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Game on Next-Gen Consoles

Posted by Kirsten | 07/08/03 8:00 PM | HP Merchandise

Game Infowire - For the first time ever, Harry Potter fans will be able to experience the magic of Harry's first year at Hogwarts with next generation graphics and updated gameplay in the Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone game from Electronic Arts. Under the supervision of EA's UK Studio, Warthog plc is developing the title for the PlayStation 2, Xbox and Nintendo GameCube systems. The game is scheduled for release in the fall of 2003 under the EA GAMES brand. (more...)

Harry Potter house up for sale

Posted by Kirsten | 07/08/03 7:56 PM | General

ABC News - The house that played host to the loathsome Dursleys and their magical nephew in the Harry Potter movies is on the market, according to British newspapers.

With the house's history, the ad could almost read: "For sale: a prim suburban house in middle England that boasts a boy wizard and an owl among its former residents."

With fans gripped by the fifth book in JK Rowling's series, the owner of No 4 Privet Drive - in reality No 12 Picket Post Close - is putting the house up for auction with a price guide of 250,000 pounds ($A614,000). (more...)

Harry Potter Speaks German

Posted by Kirsten | 07/06/03 10:46 PM | General

Harry Potter fans in Germany couldn’t wait for the just-published fifth book by J.K. Rowling to appear on the German market. So they’ve set about to translate it themselves – over the Internet.
Deutsche Welle - Harry Potter fans the world over rejoiced when J.K. Rowling’s fifth book about the clever young wizard finally appeared in June after a three-year hiatus. But Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix has only come out in English so far. In Germany, the official translation is not scheduled to arrive on the market until Nov. 8. That’s a long time for those bitten with Potter-mania.

So what are the impatient German readers doing? They’re applying a little bit of magic, a lot of inspiration and some pretty impressive interpretive skills to whip together their own unofficial, non-commercial translation of the book. And it’s all being done on the Internet, where every curious Potter fan can take a peek into the latest round of Harry's adventures. (more...)

Eminem the Potter Fan

Posted by Ellen | 07/05/03 9:46 AM | General

Sky News - Rap star Eminem is not known for his gestures of kindness.

In fact the name of his latest tour, Anger Management, gives you some indication as to his level of tenderness.

Well apart from his devoted seven-year-old daughter Hailie, that is.

The rap star, also known as Slim Shady, has become a fan of boy wizard Harry Potter. (more...)

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