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Accio Firebolt's slogan is Connecting Harry Potter fans faster than you can say 'quidditch'!, and Accio Firebolt was designed to do just that: connect the fans. As a result, Accio Firebolt strives to have unique ways in which the fans can interact with the book, the characters, and among one another. Accio Firebolt is here to please you, the Harry Potter fanatic. If there is anything that Accio Firebolt could improve upon, be sure to let me know! Otherwise, enjoy the site, and thanks for coming!

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Fake ‘Harry Potter’ in Mandarin version here

Posted by Kirsten | 09/30/03 9:14 PM | OotP Book

The Star - BOOTLEGGED copies of the Chinese translation of J.K. Rowling’s bestseller, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, invaded the Malaysian market more than a month before the authorised version was sold, Sin Chew Daily reported.

Although the world’s first Chinese-language version of the book was launched only on Sept 21 in China, the pirated copies had flooded the Malaysian market in late July.

However, the pirated copies were only half as thick as the original version and were priced below RM20. For the original copies, the simplified Chinese version produced in China cost RM59 each and the traditional Chinese version, produced in Taiwan, are priced at RM69.90.

The daily claimed that the bootlegged version sold in Malaysia was “piracy within the pirates”, as the books were said to be reproduced from an unauthorised version originating from China. (more...)

Harry Potter patches

Posted by Sirius | 09/30/03 7:45 PM | HP Merchandise

PatchPalace - Looking for some cool Harry Potter patches? Look no more! Here they are! Quidditch, house patches, and Hogwarts patches! Browse through them! Some of my favorite are this and this.

Another Harry Potter comic

Posted by Sirius | 09/30/03 5:03 PM | General

Sluggy - Heres yet another Harry Potter comic. Joining the crew is Orlando Bloom, the well known actor who played in The Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Carribean

New 'Burrow' Pics

Posted by Sirius | 09/30/03 5:01 PM | CoS Movie

Digicasey - Here are some pics of the Burrow you may not have seen from the Chamber of Secrets movie.

New Harry Potter images

Posted by Sirius | 09/30/03 7:11 AM | HP Merchandise

No, not from any movie or anything, just from a calendar, an agenda, and many more Harry Potter items. None from Prisoner of Azkaban though... :(

Expresohogwarts - Here is a rough translation of the attached article! Thanks HPANA for it! - In an exclusive Andrés has obtained images of the agendas, folders and calendars for us of Harry Potter for year 2004. In spite of what we might wish, they do not deal with Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, but without a doubt some, and with little patience, are already looking foward to 2005... (I say this as if it was the normal thing to change years overnight)

Being Dumbledore

Posted by Sirius | 09/29/03 5:07 PM | Actors

Michael Gambon, the actor who plays Professor Dumbledore in the third Harry Potter film after the previous Dumbledore, Richard Harris, died, expresses his thoughts on playing the roll. - “My friends’ children come round and see me now, which they never did before, I’m getting letters from all over the world and kids knock on my front door, which is a bit of a nuisance, but you have to keep smiling and be nice. Being Dumbledore is a big responsibility. The work is not arduous.”

Sexed up PoA movie

Posted by Ellen | 09/28/03 1:56 PM | PoA Movie

Daily Star - The makers of the next Harry Potter movie have sexed-up the plot by making Ron and Hermione fall in love. Fans of the hit wizard saga will be shocked with the Prisoner of Azkaban romance because it wasn't in the book. And the new film, which goes on general release on 15th November, will see the two young lovebirds having a row when Hermione lavishes her attention on her new pet cat. Rupert Grint revealed: "We get on pretty well to begin with, but then the cat comes along and we start arguing all the time." A film insider said: "We felt the romance adds a bit of drama, but there aren't any real love scenes.

While this is interesting news, I wouldn't consider it very accurate, seeing as the stated release date is way off.

Thanks to Mugglenet for the article.

Harry Potter goes college

Posted by Sirius | 09/28/03 8:25 AM | Books

Yep, you read the title right, Harry Potter is now in college! Not as a person, or in the books... but a class! - FROSTBURG, MD.--Harry Potter is in college -- as a subject, not a student. "The Science of Harry Potter," a three-credit honors seminar new this fall at Frostburg State University, offers fans of J.K. Rowling's popular fantasy novels an opportunity to study the links between magic and science.

Can antigravity research produce a flying broomstick? Can Fluffy, the three-headed dog, be explained by genetic engineering?

Those are some of the questions physics professor George R. Plitnik is exploring with 15 students, mostly juniors and seniors. He says the class is not all fun and games, despite his penchant for dressing up as Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

"This is not something where you just show up and talk about Harry Potter books and get a grade," Plitnik said before donning his black wizard's hat and robe for a recent session. "This is a college-level class." (more...)

Excuse the Mess

Posted by Kirsten | 09/28/03 1:18 AM | AF Website

Accio Firebolt is converting from its old layout to version 3. Please be patient while half of the site is still orange ;) There are going to be some missing pages, but they should be fixed soon. Sorry for the inconvenience! :(

[edit] Ok, everything should be fine now (except for the Fanlistings page, but you guys can figure that out for the time being, right? ;)). If you find any broken links, email me at

Azkaban Fanlisting

Posted by Kirsten | 09/27/03 9:52 PM | AF Website

Are you a fan of the Azkaban Prison? Of course you are ;)

Join the Official Fanlisting here!

What it's like to be an extra

Posted by Sirius | 09/26/03 4:34 PM | PoA Movie

13 year old Harrison explains what it was like for him to be an extra.

BBC - "When I found out I was going to be in the next Harry Potter film, I just couldn't believe it.

I'm in an acting agency and they put me forward for the audition.

So I went along but I didn't really think anything would happen.

Then they rang me up and told me I had got a part as one of the extras. I was really surprised. You don't think things like that will happen to you.

It was great fun on set. I don't get to say anything, I'm just wandering around in the background.

I'm in a few scenes. I'm not allowed to say much but I'm in a scene on the staircase in Hogwarts and at a Quidditch match. It's funny because Quidditch looks so real in the films but when you're on set it looks nothing like it does on the screen.

I got to wear Hogwarts' robes but sometimes we were wearing outside clothes as well.

I didn't speak much to the rest of the cast, but I did say hello to lots of them. I said 'Hello' to Daniel Radcliffe, the boy who plays Harry Potter, and he said 'Hello' back. He seemed nice.

Emma yet to read 'Phoenix'

Posted by Sirius | 09/24/03 5:52 PM | Actors

Emma Watson, the actress who portrays Hermione Granger in the movies, states that she has yet to finish, or even keep reading J.K. Rowling's latest book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. - EMMA WATSON has been made into a star by appearing in the smash-hit HARRY POTTER films - but she hasn't even read the latest Potter book yet.

The 13-year-old actress, who plays the boy magician's pal HERMIONE GRANGER, has tried to work her way through JK ROWLING's multi-million selling fifth Harry Potter novel THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX - but complains its too hefty.

She complains, "It's too big. I start it and then keep putting it down."

Laura praises Harry

Posted by Sirius | 09/24/03 5:46 PM | Books

Laura Bush, the First Lady, recently gave praise to all five Harry Potter books.

Wizard News - Over the summer, Mrs. Bush said she read all five Harry Potter books by British author JK Rowling. "I loved them. They were so imaginative, clever and fun to read."

Biggerstaff transcript available

Posted by Sirius | 09/24/03 5:43 PM | Actors - As we reported yesterday, Sean Biggerstaff held a chat last night. They have now posted up a transcript of the chat. Read it!

Biggerstaff chat tonight

Posted by Sirius | 09/23/03 6:03 PM | Actors

Sean Biggerstaff, aka Oliver Wood in the movies will take part in a chat tonight! - Kinda last minute but Sean is going to participate in a live Questions for Sean tonight Tuesday September 23, 2003 in the Sean Biggerstaff Chat at approx. 10:30-11:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (3:30-4:00am GMT). Sean will not be able to answer all questions. Favourite colour question will send him around the bend so be a bit more creative. Please understand that Sean is on vacation and this is the time that is suitable with his very busy schedule. We will log the chat session and post on the site for those that are unable to join in.

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