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Harry Potter church service

Posted by Cory | 04/30/04 2:42 PM | General

Warwick Today - Children's fantasy hero Harry Potter will come face to face with Jesus in a Warwick church on Sunday.

Young worshippers are being encouraged to dress up as their favourite Harry Potter character for the family service in St Mary's church.

Rev Vaughan Roberts believes there are several parallels between the life of the young wizard and the life of Jesus.

He said: "Having read some of the Harry Potter stories myself, I found they contained strong spiritual, ethical and moral themes.
"One of the recurring themes is how Harry's mother died and in the process saved Harry and enabled him to have a life. There is a strong parallel with the death of Jesus on the cross at Easter time.
"Sometimes you have to be brave to do what you believe is right."


Bulgaria to host major PoA party

Posted by Cory | 04/30/04 2:40 PM | PoA Movie

Novitine - Die-hard Harry Potter fans from across Bulgaria will gather in the capital on June 5.

The national meeting is organized to mark the premiere of the third Potter movie.

Fans will flock to the Amor nightclub in downtown Sofia. They will have the chance to show creativity, and bid for the best Potter costume award. Organizers have also prepared lots of other prizes.


Third Potter film is shortest yet

Posted by Cory | 04/30/04 2:36 PM | PoA Movie

BBC - The third Harry Potter film, the Prisoner of Azkaban, is the shortest one so far according to its producer.

It's reported to be two hours and fifteen minutes long, almost 30 mins shorter than the Chamber of Secrets.

Producer Chris Columbus said: "Every kid who saw the movies wanted them to be longer and almost every adult wanted them shorter."

Columbus added: "But I think this movie is so good that I don't think you'll get a lot of gripes."


Lucius interview

Posted by Ciarán | 04/30/04 2:07 PM | Actors

The Sun has an nice long interview with Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy) where one of the things he talks about is that he will be also be playing Lucius for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

What makes villainous roles so appealing for you?

The best roles in Hollywood movies are always the bad guy, as heroes are pretty bland characters.

When you read a script the hero doesn't have anything about him other than the fact that all the women watching the film should want to sleep with him.

They don't normally get to do much acting. They're just the rock steady sex-bomb at the heart of the story, whereas the bad guys usually have extreme characters and situations.

I don't take acting very seriously, and you can take it even less seriously when you're licking your genocidal lips.

Also I don't have a choice about the roles I play, as I don't think women watch my films desperate to rip my clothes off! People would rather see me thrown into a pit full of snakes.

I have played a few roles at the very opposite end of the spectrum though – usually priests or very moral soldiers. (more...)

Rowling asked to write 'Dr Who' episode

Posted by Ciarán | 04/30/04 1:55 PM | JK Rowling

Recently JK Rowling was asked to write an episode of 'Dr Who'.

Davis, who is the executive producer and main writer for Dr Who, asked JK Rowling if she would like to write an episode for the new series due to air on BBC1 early next year. He says that she was "amused by the suggestion, but simply doesn't have the time'. (Thanks TLC!)

It's the Wizard of Ross!

Posted by Ciarán | 04/30/04 1:40 PM | PoA Movie

Ross-Shire Journal - Harry Potter has been weaving his magic in Ross-shire, the Ross-shire Journal can reveal.

For a film crew from Warner Brothers has been in Evanton for the past 10 days filming around the Black Rock Gorge area, to use shots as the backdrop for the next Harry Potter blockbuster.

Around 30 film crew were in Evanton to film scenery for Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, the fourth Potter film about the schoolboy wizard based on JK Rowling's world-famous books.

The project has been shrouded in secrecy but this week a spokeswoman for Wa rner Brothers in London, which is producing The Goblet of Fire, said, "Yes, this was pre-production filming and the shots will be used in the next Harry Potter film.

"We have not confirmed the final cast yet and we don't start shooting proper until later in the summer. Further details will be out in the next few weeks." (more...)

Lupin in PoA character poster

Posted by Ciarán | 04/30/04 1:35 PM | Actors has a never-before-seen Prisoner of Azkaban character poster featuring David Thewlis - Prof. Lupin.

Fictional cash fools Potter fans

Posted by Cory | 04/29/04 4:04 PM | General

The BBC is reporting that as many as two in five people actually believe that the sickle, one of the currencies in the Harry Potter books, is real.


Parent sues school over denied credit for reading Harry Potter

Posted by Cory | 04/29/04 3:28 PM | Books

Arkansas Democratic-Gazette - Hijinks at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has led to headaches for the Springdale School District.

The mother of a Helen Tyson Middle School sixthgrader has sued Principal Curtis Spann and teacher Virginia Hargrove for their decision not to grant her son full credit for reading two Harry Potter books.

Luwalhati Admana Johnson, a Tontitown lawyer, filed a petition April 20 in Washington County Circuit Court stating that school officials did not award her son all the points possible for reading J. K. Rowling?s Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban as part of an accelerated reading program the 1,133-pupil school sponsors. Pupils in the sixth- and seventh-grade middle school accumulate points for reading books and receive prizes for their achievements at the end of the school year. Johnson?s petition indicates the child did not receive points because Hargrove and Spann determined the child did not meet requirements of the program.


Possible Harry Potter sketch on this weeks SNL

Posted by Cory | 04/29/04 3:25 PM | General

Our friends over at Alivans have tipped us off that there will probably be a Harry Potter sketch on Saturday Night Live this Saturday.

Alivans was contacted this morning by SNL and they purchased a bunch of Harry Potter-related merchandise. Alivans sells realistic looking hand-made wooden wands, and also very realistic quidditch broomsticks.

From previous interviews about the SNL show, we know that many times sketches are prepared for the show that for time or other reasons don't actually make it on air, so we're not sure there actually will be a Harry Potter sketch this weekend on SNL. Also, we don't know what the sketch will be about, but if they're going through the trouble to get the right props, it sounds like it's going to be something fun.

Saturday Night Live airs in the US on NBC TV at 11:30 PM on Saturday. This week, Lindsay Lohan hosts with musical guest Usher.

Thanks to Wizard News for the tip!

Boarding schools miss their Harry Potter magic

Posted by Cory | 04/29/04 3:25 PM | General

Independent - The Harry Potter effect - widely credited for boosting boarding school places in Britain's independent schools for the past two years - is over.

Figures published yesterday show a dip in the number of boarding school pupils for the first time in three years. The numbers are down by nearly 1,000 - or 1.4 per cent.

David Woodhead, national director of the Independent Schools Council, said: "I think we've probably seen the peak of Harry's influence."


PoA opening theater count

Posted by Cory | 04/29/04 2:19 PM | PoA Movie

According to Box Office Mojo, 3,600 theaters will already be showing PoA during its opening week. Sorcerer's Stone opened in 3,672 theaters, while Chamber of Secrets opened in 3,682. The number of theaters PoA will be airing in is expected to grow.

Warner Bros kill Voldemort rumour

Posted by Ciarán | 04/29/04 1:45 PM | GoF Movie

CBBC News - Warner Bros has killed off the rumour that actor John Malkovich will play Lord Voldemort in the Goblet Of Fire.
A newspaper reported that Malkovich, who's famous for playing movie villains, would be starring as the evil one in the fourth Potter film.

But a Warner Bros spokesman has told Newsround there is "no truth whatsoever" in the rumours.

Filming on the Goblet Of Fire has just started in the UK, with Daniel Radcliffe back as the boy wizard.

There are also rumours that whoever does play Voldemort, will share the role with a computer-generated image of the villain.

The actor will only play Voldemort once the character has regained strength in the film. At the start of the fourth book, Voldemort has been reduced to a small, helpless creature, which will be created by a computer, it's been reported.

The Potter actors and staff are doubly busy at the moment. As well as preparing for the fourth film, they're building up to the big release of The Prisoner Of Azkaban on 4 June.

Scans from 'Empire' Dan interview

Posted by Ciarán | 04/29/04 1:41 PM | Actors

Dan got some scans from the Empire magazine interview with Daniel Radcliffe, which appeared in The Sun two days ago.

Dan interview in 'Manila Times'

Posted by Ciarán | 04/29/04 1:25 PM | Actors

Manila Times recently had an interview with Daniel Radcliffe:

QUESTION: Has it been a different experience working with a new director?

DANIEL RADCLIFFE: Chris Columbus had a very high-energy approach to the whole thing. Alfonso Cuarón is much more laid back, yet with an intensity that is suited to the third film. Alfonso was such a logical and perfect choice because Y Tu Mama Tambien was a film about teenagers becoming men and Harry Potter 3 is about children becoming teenagers. He understands and gets teenagers.

Q: Has Alfonso Cuaron given you a new perspective on the character?

Daniel: Definitely. The leap from the second book to the third book in terms of Harry’s character is the biggest out of the whole series because Harry is basically becoming a teenager now and that brings so many things with it. He’s got angst and is completely unsure of himself and generally really confused throughout the entire film.

Q: How did you approach this?

Daniel: It’s actually quite good because Harry and I are roughly about the same age at this point. We are going through pretty much the same things. And Alfonso really helped because the first time I actually met him, he asked us to write an essay on the character at the beginning of the third film, what he is feeling and putting him in the situation of being locked up at the Dursleys. Mine was a page long and Emma had written about 16 pages. Rupert and I were slightly intimi-dated by that. She has really neat writing whereas I have the writing of a five-year-old. (more...)

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