Accio Firebolt Fanlisting Rianna Potter, a long time member of AF, set up a FL for the site! Thanks, Rianna!

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Accio Firebolt's slogan is Connecting Harry Potter fans faster than you can say 'quidditch'!, and Accio Firebolt was designed to do just that: connect the fans. As a result, Accio Firebolt strives to have unique ways in which the fans can interact with the book, the characters, and among one another. Accio Firebolt is here to please you, the Harry Potter fanatic. If there is anything that Accio Firebolt could improve upon, be sure to let me know! Otherwise, enjoy the site, and thanks for coming!

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Mugglenet Topsites

Posted by Cory | 01/02/05 11:46 AM | AF Website

Please vote for Accio Firebolt on Mugglenet's Topsites List! The list has been reset, so we need all your votes to help bring us up in rank! To vote, just click on the banner below:



Posted by CiarĂ¡n | 01/01/05 5:03 PM | AF Website

I think it is time the spamming (unauthorised advertising etc.) in the news comments is addressed. We really apologise for this annoying inconvenience but plead with you not to go visiting the sites that are being linked to in the comments - it will only give the spammers more traffic (which is what they want). We hope to have this matter dealt with soon but please be patient, thanks! :-)

On a separate topic, I would like to, on behalf of everyone at AccioFirebolt, send James (who works here as a newsposter) get well wishes - as he has injured his arm.

Emma Watson on Yahoo's "Most Popular Celebs"

Posted by Nathan | 01/01/05 2:25 PM | Actors

Emma Watson, who plays Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies is 8th on's most popular celebrities list. Congrats, Emma!

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